Bitcoin Deposits to Ensure Quality Content

Proposed System

A very small amount of bitcoins could be used as another means to moderate web content in 3rd party applications. A system could be created that is used to organize data. A content creator could put up some bitcoins for an article. Users would be able to up-vote it and down-vote it. The more up-votes, the more bitcoins the content creator gets back. If it goes up above the average, the content creator could get more bitcoins back then was first put up. The content creators would be rewarded by the expense of the advertisers or spammers that are posting bad content. There should be some leeway for content that is just a little below average because that just might mean it is controversial to a significant percent of the population.

If content gets all down-votes, then it is most likely spam. Some content that might be good but is looked at as bad by a significant portion of the population might be labeled as spam. I think those articles could be spotted by requiring at least a few people to see it. Users would have a power attribute. Users that make “good” votes could have increased power. Maybe they could upvote by +1, +2 and +3 and downvote -1, -2, -3.

Voters could be shown some guidelines to not downvote a controversial issue. Sometimes a large percentage of the population has bad feelings towards some issues that were illegal or immoral that might now be regarded as legal and moral. Some of the bitcoin generated from the bad content could also be given to the customers that view the content. This could be done with money but the fees might be too high for content creators to put up a deposit. A content creator might only want to and need to put up $0.25 for their content. That would be impossible to do with a credit card. Amateurs might spend years attempting to create good content and want to try to publish it, but they don’t have money to pay for advertising.

The large search engines are good for organizing content so that people can find it, but they typically favor the same large media outlets. They also place a lot of advertisements that would avert users away from finding their content. This would also entice advertisers to produce better content and pay the users for finding it. That money currently goes to the large search engines and advertisers. And, there is a ton of money going to them – that money could stay between the online services providers and the customers.

This system would also hurt entities that attempted to make bad content because they would have to fork over some deposit. Add that to all the money that the merchants and customers save from having to “pay” for advertisements. Both the merchants and the customers pay for those advertisements because the merchant relies on the advertisement to reach the customer. The merchant then has to raise the price of the product to make a profit. The customer pays the increased fee.

When someone is at shopping sites, the shopping site and banking system take in a large amount of profits from their merchants and customers. A new system could be created that could cut them out. With well trained customers and merchants, the middle men really can be cut out. When I say middle men, I mean the advertising companies, credit card companies, banks, online shopping networks, online social networks, etc… There could be more free and open international systems that are not owned by nations and corporations but are owned by the international community.