Bitcoin based P2P Advertising


A Bitcoin based P2P advertising network could be created that would allow publishers and advertisers to negotiate the sale of space on the Web. Any publisher could drop a JavaScript and HTML tag on their website which would broadcast data about the traffic to their website. The open P2P network would take this data and propagate it through the network. The website would then allow the free advertising space to be auctioned off to the network. The network would automatically transfer the bitcoins from the advertiser to the publisher as it is displayed or clicked. Anybody would be able to set-up a server node and start bidding on traffic from their home computer. The advertisers could bid on traffic that is from a certain region and traffic that will only result in a minimal CTR and an infinite of other criteria.

<div adspaceid=”zdsdfeaSDAFgraw8w2a” walletaddress=”1wauiAWEFeW839Fwo3ifhn” width=”728″ height=”90″>

//broadcast information about this ad space
//poll an open network for bids on this ad space
//if i find a bid that i like, show the ad

The network would naturally be controlled by a system of bots that would bid for space on certain locations. If publishers had bad traffic or were trying to get more bitcoins for their traffic than what it is worth by unethical means, then the bots would be able to “learn” about this and not bid for that space. Also, the publishers would “learn” about the advertisers and choose to not accept their bids if something unwanted is happening such as attempted double spends. It might be challenging for the advertisers to acquire good traffic, but the network would know what the best traffic is because of the laws of supply & demand. Traffic would be tagged with ID’s so an advertiser can monitor the traffic from a certain source and see if it results in purchases. If that traffic results in purchases, they would raise their bids for traffic with those characteristics. If the traffic does not result in purchases or is from an unwanted region, then they would lower or remove their bids for that traffic. The advertiser nodes would have a live wallet that sends payments for traffic in real-time.

This could cut out the expenses associated with some of the advertising/publishing networks. Sometimes the advertising/publishing companies get over 50% of the revenue from advertising space. An open solution like this would return billions in revenues back to the smaller companies. Most of this revenue is currently going to the large corporations.