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Bitcoin takes the bankers out of banking. It takes the responsibility to print and mint money away from the treasurer. It takes the 3rd parties out of transactions. It allows one user to send money directly to another user basically for free. This website will go over some of the basics of Bitcoin and then go deep into some of the more advanced topics. I will be discussing Bitcoin in relation to the USD and all other financial instruments.

Bitcoin is an international and decentralized network that contains a blockchain with stores of value in it at certain addresses. Just like the USD, Bitcoin provides for a mechanism to store wealth and to make trades. The blockchain contains all of the transactions between these addresses and so much more than that. A user of Bitcoin would need a password and private key to transfer funds from that address. Anybody can send money to the addresses on the Blockchain. The blockchain is also an open network where anybody willing to participate is allowed if they follow the rules. The Blockchain is very complicated and I am only going to give a brief overview of it here at this website.

In this website, I will write about some of the most important parts of Bitcoin. I will also give my personal opinion on Bitcoin and go over other peoples opinions. I will discuss everything and anything involving Bitcoin. If you have any topics that you would like me to write about that is related to Bitcoin, please leave a comment below! If I can respond in the comment, I will do that. If your inquiry deserves a full article, then I will write an article.